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Community Partner Overview

As a community partner you will work alongside with my Professional Communication 318 students in developing and executing a professional Service-Learning Workshop dedicated to your organization. From your partnership, students can gain the opportunity to apply course concepts, theories, and skills, through gaining work experience, local community involvement, and learning the importance of civic responsibility. We are currently seeking enthusiastic community partners who have a willingness to work closely with a dynamic group of 4-5 students who will bring your organization 20-25 hours maximum of work per student.

Bikers Fighting Cancer
Bikers Fighting Cancer

 Sample Community Partners

  • American Red Cross
  • Campus Community Coalition
  • Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center
  • ARC of Whatcom County
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Bikers Fighting Cancer
  • Evergreen AIDS Foundation
  • Power of Hope
  • The E.D.G.E.
  • Womencare Shelter
  • Ethnic Student Center
  • Alpine Safety Awareness Program
  • Worksource
  • Opportunity Council
  • Lydia Place/Wise Buys
  • Center for Service Learning
  • Outdoor Center Challenge Program

Here is an example of some of the work we have done with our community partners:

If interested in becoming a Community Partner, please visit the following links or contact Dr. Perry using the form box below. Thank you!

Community Partner Brochure (Click Here)
Student involvement in the community- Discussing the Differences chart(Click Here)
View the Goals and Benefits(Click Here)
View photos of students and community partners (Click Here)
Community Partner Videos (Click Here)


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