End Homelessness Project

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:To bring about educational awareness to stop the growth of homelessness in Whatcom County.

OUR VISION:To bridge the gap between WWU campus (students, staff, and faculty) and the homeless community. To foster sustaining relationships among all people.

OUR PROJECTS: Backpack drive, donation collection (BINS), signs on the street, homeless forum, invisible homeless campaign, tabling, campus and community outreach, social media.

Service Day-17Service Day-10Service Day-13

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More about the #endhomelessnesswwu Project: (Click Here)

To see #endhomelessnesswwu in action: (Click Here)

Homeless Men and Women in Bellingham

A Day in The Life

Flying The Signs

Backpacks For The Homeless

“We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve” ~ Linda Lingle

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