Comm. 318: Professional Communication

Course Description

Professional Communication 318 is a course designed specifically for students’ professional communication development.  The professor utilizes a team self-directed approach where students are given the opportunity to take the initiative to develop their professional skills individually and in a team.The course allows students to practice the learned theories and skills in class and with external organizations.

This course will introduce students to a number of competencies that emphasize writing, oral communication, knowledge of diversity in the workplace, and organizational skills such as: job interviewing, job research, résumé/cover letter writing, employment portfolio design, team development, small group problem-solving, and critical reflection.In each class, students will be asked to verbally apply the professional communication concepts to their personal experience(s). Critical thinking is a key component to student progress; therefore the instructor will challenge each student to pose reflective questions and responses. Service-Learning is a key component of this course. It provides students with immediate application of course content; it is a pedagogy that is integrated throughout the course.  Students will develop a partnership with each other and an agency of their choice.

Comm. 318 Student Sample – AIDS Video

Course Syllabus 318:  course syllabus and schedule spring 2014

Student Testimonials: Professional Communication 318 students reflect on their experiences.

Student Service-Learning Projects. Links to videos developed by students in Professional Communication 318

Restorative Community Coalition

Endless Possibilities:

Woodway Senior Living:

Evergreen Aids Foundation:

Student created websites for Service-Learning

The Flow Project:

The Restorative Community Coalition:

Endless Possibilities

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