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Our mission is to bring about educational awareness to stop the growth of homelessness in Whatcom County.

Our vision is to bridge the gap between WWU campus (students, staff, and faculty) and the homeless community. To foster sustaining relationships among all people.

Our projects include: Invisible people campaign, backpack drive, donation collection (BINS), signs on the street, homeless forum, tabling, campus and community outreach, social media awareness raising. More about the #endhomelessnesswwu Project: (Click Here).


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The #endhomelessnesswwu project has been an effort of Dr. Perry, students, and local organizations who specialize with issues of homelessness. Through a Service-Learning approach, Dr. Perry has brought all of these aspects together to make a change in the community.

Homeless Men and Women in Bellingham

A Day in The Life

Flying The Signs

Backpacks For The Homeless

For more videos please visit our Youtube channel or Vimeo account.

“We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve” ~ Linda Lingle

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