Comm. 224: Small Group Processes

Course Description

This course will explore the dynamics of human interaction and diversity in small group settings with the integration and application of service-learning.  Group tasks will include the development of problem-solving, decision-making, diversity, critical thinking skills, and much more.  The following will be learned in-class and through direct service-learning in the community.

Students will learn about small group processes through theory and application while working in a group setting (i.e. in-class and out of class).  Students will learn how to be more effective members of small groups by immediately practicing course theories.  The class is designed to give students a diverse perspective while being a part of several teams (service-learning and discussion leading skill activities).

Examples of topics covered in this course include verbal and nonverbal communication, culture, leadership, managing conflict, group discussions, observation, small group as a system, etc.

Course Syllabus

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