Tara Perry

Homelessness Outreach Directory

The #EndHomelessnessWWU campaign works closely with local organizations that are also helping those within out community that are experiencing homelessness. This is a comprehensive directory of those Whatcom County organizations: Homelessness Outreach Directory.    Advertisements

Back to the Future: Scholars Week WWU 2014

Scholar’s week continues to be a success at Western Washington University. A number of students within our Department of Communication Studies have been nominated for this prestigious week. In the spring of 2014 WWU honored students in Scholars’ Week 2014. Scholars’ Week is an event that provides an opportunity for students to present their research […]

Western Preview

What is Western Preview? It is an opportunity for incoming students and families to go and listen to department presentations. This gives the students a better understanding for the specific degrees they can pursue at Western Washington University. On April 2nd, 2016 Western Preview was held around campus. Jordan Black, Dr.Tara Perry, Professor Jennifer Hays, […]

Happiness Develops a Healthy Self-Concept

Happiness is one of the most wonderful feelings in our daily lives. We experience it all around us through friends, family and even strangers we meet. It is important to share your happiness and promote other’s feelings of joy. When you do this, there will be less stress, worry, anger, and disappointment in your life. […]

Let’s Be Thankful: A Few Tips on How to Show your Gratitude

Do you feel happier when someone tells you thank you and how much they appreciate you? Tammy T. StonResearch explains that our relationships with others is what enriches our lives. It is important to take the time and thank people who make our lives better (Kruger, 2014). For me, showing my appreciation for others is […]

Joy Jar: Small paper slips of joy make a big difference

  What are you thankful for? About three years ago I began a practice called the Joy Jar. It came from a photo that some friends of mine had shared on Facebook. Now, sitting on my bedroom windowsill is an old glass milk jug. This is my Joy Jar. Instead of holding milk, this jug […]

Austin Jenckes Visit to WWU! Part I

Austin Jenckes Visit to WWU! Part I

The Department of Communication Studies, The College of Social Science and Humanities, and The Foundation had the opportunity to host a welcome back event for Austin Jenckes, The Voice contestant, Alumni of Western Washington University in January, 2014. Dr. Perry coordinated the event with help from  student leaders, work study students, event planning students, Dr. […]