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Alumni Advice

Christina.CreaWhat advice would you give future student leaders?
My advice to student leaders is to soak everything in. You will have days where you are exhausted, run into road blocks or have one of those days where nothing goes right. But, that’s perfect experience for the real world and professional world. You can practice learning how to deal with obstacles, growing from them and gaining more and more confidence in yourself and your work. – Christina Crea

Rob ImageWhat advice would you give future student leaders?
My advice would be this:
* Become a diversified person.  Meaning; volunteer, stretch yourself.
* Engage in a ‘service above self mentality’.
* Put your effort into becoming special.
* Be comfortable in your own skin.
* When you interview for a position, do your research and be prepared.  Smile, be confident, and have fun.  When they ask you to sit down in a chair and there are other potential ‘future colleagues’ present….. ask them questions, get to know them, people want to work with people they like.
* Be likable.
* Always ask for more responsibility
* Never ask Tara how old she is. 🙂
 – Robert Krause 


What advice would you give future student leaders?

One of my favorite quotes that I heard from Dr. Perry ““Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz. This quote lends itself to many aspects of life. No matter your circumstance, the way that you perceive the situation will determine the outcome. Similarly, the more that you put into any internship or teacher assistant position, the more that you will get out of it. More often than not, I worked longer and harder than expected on a project because I wanted a product that I was proud of. In the end, it helped me build my skills, push my to realize my ability, and I had examples of my work to showcase in future interviews. Don’t forget… have fun with it! 🙂 – Teila Evans

What advice would you give future student leaders?Kurtis Loo
Focus on one thing at a time, keep in constant communication with Dr. Perry, work on your weaknesses and don’t beafraid to try something different if it works for you.- Kurtis Loo

Chris Batten



What advice would you give future student leaders?

Take advantage of the opportunity. The Student leader program sets you up for a successful career. – Chris Batten


What advice would you give future student leaders?Andrew Weiler
Keep communication open with your colleagues. Phone calls, emails, texts, or one on one conversations should be a routine amongst teams and especially with your supervisor, may it be Dr. Perry. Should problems or conflict arise, an open platform for discussing the matter will ease any stress or uncertainty. Being a student leader or professional in any context will eventually involve some form of problem solving situation. Thus, being comfortable and familiar with open communication will allow any team or any of its members to experience cohesion and productivity. – Andrew Weiler

GregWhat advice would you give future student leaders?
* Guard your association – You are your 5 closest friends. If you want to be a great leader, hang out with other great leaders.
* Get a mentor – find someone that has something that you want in life and get them to teach you how they did/do it
* Know your purpose/goal (what are you trying to achieve?) – without one, you are directionless
* The secret to all success is achieved through controlling your inputs and understanding TWAHCD – Thoughts -> Words -> Actions -> Habits -> Character -> Destiny
* You control your input through who you associate with and who your mentors are -> Your inputs effect your thoughts -> Your thoughts effect your words (how you speak) -> Your words effect your actions (your behavior) -> Your thoughts, words, and actions combined with an overarching purpose/goal form your habits -> Your habits define your character -> your character dictates your destiny.

– Greg Parker

JosephWhat advice would you give future student leaders?
Stay as organized as possible, stay committed, stay focused, develop relationships with as many faculty as possible, keep in contact with professors, never underestimate the value of a cup of coffee, always network, stay healthy and happy 🙂

Joseph DeGrazia

What advice would you give future Chris Gilstudent leaders?

Do not doubt yourself! Also, time management is key. We all
function differently, so develop your own way of managing your time and projects and devise the best possible route that allows you to conquer each project. ​- Chris Gil

What advice would you give future Student Leaders?
I would tell future Student Leaders to push yourself, lean on other student leaders when the workload gets to be too much and know that Dr. leslie alumniPerry saw something special in you and that is why she chose you.

-Leslie Stose

What advice would you give future Student Leaders?
*Keep your eyes and ears open. There is only 86,400 seconds in a day. Use itterrence alumni wisely.
*Learn to take action, speak up and stay on course. Create a personal mission statement that you control and examine it often.
*Don’t be afraid to change or be afraid of the inevitable roadblocks. Spend at least 3-4 minutes to prioritize. Break things apart and execute carefully. *Courage can go a long way!
*Don’t annoy BUT examine everything carefully and follow up. Even small details that may have been neglected can become big issues. Your co-workers and boss will appreciate it. Passionately avoid the reputation of sloppiness and carelessness. It takes a long time to build credibility but it takes micro seconds to destroy it.
*There is no such thing as meaningless task. Learn to incorporate your actions to your personal mission. Don’t make your life rigid and boring. Learn to play with others and learn it well!

-Terrence Cabiao

What advice would you give future Student Leaders?
*“You may not be where you want to be, but you are where you need to be.” I told this to Dr. Perry last time I had a chance to sit down and speak with her on my return to WWU. And it is true. It applies to being in school and when you are out of school.
Rebekka alumni*Advice I have for future student-leaders would be to stay organized, be open to constructive feedback, be willing to listen to other peoples’ ideas, keep a planner and small note-pad with you at all times, keep in constant contact with Dr. Perry and your other SL partners at all times, and have fun.
*Also, never pass up the opportunity to meet with/attend an event with Dr. Perry one-on-one. When you have the chance to really sit down and talk to her, she becomes more than just your professor, she becomes a mentor and someone you can look up to.
*Get to know Ann Reynolds. She may seem intimidating at first, but she is super nice and very smart. She knows everything that is going on and is a great person to network with.
*Have fun. Enjoy this time, because it is not going to last forever.

-Rebekka Mantegna




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