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Back to the Future: Scholars Week WWU 2014

Scholar’s week continues to be a success at Western Washington University. A number of students within our Department of Communication Studies have been nominated for this prestigious week. In the spring of 2014 WWU honored students in Scholars’ Week 2014. Scholars’ Week is an event that provides an opportunity for students to present their research developed in class. Students are encouraged to apply class theories, develop critical thinking skills, and focus on relevant topics. Through a selection process, the Communication Studies Department faculty honored a number of outstanding students from various classes. Scholar’s Week represented students from different majors and provided a platform for students to present their accomplishments.

Scholars’ Week is a time for students to honor their own research on a variety of in-depth and engaging topics. It provides them with the opportunity to network with students and faculty as well as strengthen their public speaking skills and scholarly involvement. In 2014,  Dr. Tara Perry nominated two groups of students who presented research in her Organizational Communication 428 course. In this course, students get an insider’s view of the different communication processes used by employers and employees within organizations. The student paper  titles: Social Networking Sites and the Professional Self and Boss vs Bossy represented diverse and current topics in today’s society.


Photo Credit: Jackie Heller Left: Stephen Harvey, Scholar, Right: Diane Blietz-Hertberg, Professor


Photo Credit: Jackie Heller Left: Dr. Tara Perry, Professor, Center: Chris Gill, Scholar



Photo Credit: Jackie Heller, Left: Sharona Ott, Scholar, Right: James Fortney, Professor

 Student Reflect on their Scholar’s Week Involvement:

 ​”Scholar’s Week is a reminder that well-written research papers should not be archived after they have been evaluated. So many students spend hours constructing amazing research and then forget about it immediately after it is graded. Scholar’s Week is a time when these papers can be both resurrected and recognized by faculty and staff in one of the friendliest environments I’ve ever experienced. This week has sparked some amazing discussions with both my peers and professors and I am so thankful to be part of such an intelligent group of people!” -Courtney Hook

“I think Scholar’s Week really shows the diversity in our department and how unique our field is. I really enjoyed getting to see what other students had put together and how each of us came up with something that we were passionate about, but was completely different than any other person’s presentation. During the school wide poster competition I was able to explain why I love the Communication Department, the field, and inform people about what we really do (and no, it isn’t just public speaking.” –Gabrielle Barnes

“Scholar’s Week really allowed me to be a part of my department in a way that I had not before. I worked with some wonderful students and felt proud to discuss my research with faculty and students. I am honored to be a part of something where students have the opportunity to present their work and not keep it hidden.” -Jackie Heller



Photo Credit: Jackie Heller Left: Mariah___, Scholar, Center: Bailey Gordon, Scholar, Right: Braelynne Dacus, Scholar



Photo Credit: Dr. Tara Perry Left: Jackie Heller, Scholar, Center: Stephen Harvey, Scholar, Right: Henry Thomas, Scholar


Photo Credit: Jackie Heller, Right: Gabrielle Barnes, Scholar, Front Right: Guest Speaker___


Written By: Tara B. Perry & Jackie Heller








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