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Western Preview


What is Western Preview? It is an opportunity for incoming students and families to go and listen to department presentations. This gives the students a better understanding for the specific degrees they can pursue at Western Washington University. On April 2nd, 2016 Western Preview20160402_131917 was held around campus. Jordan Black, Dr.Tara Perry, Professor Jennifer Hays, and Spencer Carlson lead the presentation for the Communication Department(shown here, listed left to right). They had three separate 30 minute presentations, speaking to over 150 students and their families. Spencer Carlson was quoted in saying, “The Western Preview is extremely important because it showcases the many aspects of the Communication Studies Major”. Most students and parents coming into our presentation were not aware of just how important receiving a degree in Communication can be. Being able to share the communication degree rise to relevance, as proposed by Jason Schmitt of the Huffington Post, can be really eye opening and persuasive for incoming freshmen. Professor Hays found that, “The follow up was important as it allowed students to ask what they were not comfortable asking and the parents connected to those with whom their son or daughter will be working”. This connection with the students after the presentation is a great portrayal of what can be expected if you join the Communication Department; supportive, personable and positive. Overall the Western Preview was a success. For the limited time everyone was given to present, these four represented not only Western Washington University very well, but the entire Communication Department.



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