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Humor and Laughter

4P8A8054What is the best kind of medicine? Laughter! At least that is what researchers say in Laughter is the best medicine. I have always been a firm believer that laughter not only helps brighten your mood but also the people around you. Laughter is important in my life because I value relationships and the priceless memories that come with it. The memories that I cherish most in life usually reflect the fact that I am laughing till I cry.

I would say that I have a unique laugh, it sounds like I am gasping for air or choking.  I have had a few people ask me if I am okay after am done laughing. Sometimes it can be really embarrassing when people aren’t sure whether I am okay or not but I have  learned to embrace it. Having a unique laughter and not being afraid to show it unites people together.

I have had the most amazing opportunity to take a class with such amazing colleagues at, Western Washington University, Interpersonal Communication 327, Fall of 2013! When anyone had a funny thing to say in the class we would just go with it and laugh for a solid 2-3 minutes. There were times that we forgot why we even started laughing. I remembered when I first did my own laugh, it was right as class ended and someone had something funny to share and I could not hold it in any longer. I just let my laugh loose and my classmates turned their heads to see if I was okay! They then realized I was just busy laughing hysterically and joined in with me. After that it seemed that everyone’s goal was to make me laugh. Friends at Make a Difference Day

It is moments like that, that unite people together. Laughter and humor bring people together and create wonderful relationships. I have been honored to have met amazing friends in my interpersonal class based off my laughter.  I would never trade those memories for anything in the world. Just remember to relax and laugh because life is really short. No matter what age you are, I encourage you to watch this video and smile.

Other resources: The 100 simple secrets of Happy People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It by David Niven

Written by: Jessica Ramirez, Student Leader.  Communication Studies Major.

Photo Credit: Meghan Sternal and Chris Gil


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