Time Management

Have you ever felt overworked in today’s fast paced business world? It has become commonplace to feel overworked, exhausted, and physically drained while working. According to a survey from Forbes Magazine, 87% of employees feel overworked in their current job! Are you a part of the majority? In the article Manage your energy not your time, authors Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy illustrate four main aspects to focus on in order to managing your energy:

  1. Physical energy
  2. Spiritual energy
  3. Emotional energy
  4. Mental energy

Further, you can read more about techniques used to managing both your time and your energy in the following slide share.

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Article retrieved from: Forbes Magazine

Slideshare created by: Chris Gil, Student Leader. Communication Studies Major. 

Featured imaged: image courtsey of Salvatore Vuono/ freedigitalphotos.net