E-mail Etiquette: Mistakes to Avoid

Have you sent a professional e-mail? Has someone actually ever trained you on what to do or what not to do? Business Insider  takes a look at  this e-mail that was actually sent from a Wisconsin student to a recruiter. All professionals should be aware of e-mail etiquette basics, as breaking the rules could result in not getting an interview or even getting fired. On the other hand, consistently demonstrating strong e-mail etiquette will impress employers.

The e-mail breaks many rules of e-mail etiquette including:

  1. A formal salutation
  2. Professional Language
  3. Proper Subject Line
  4. Revealing interviews with many companies

Can you think of any more mistakes?

Always be sure to keep this in mind when writing to professionals!

Image Courtesy of Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

Photo and article retrieved from: Business Insider Written By: Joseph DeGrazia, Student Leader. Marketing Major.