Interaction Part of Interpersonal Curriculum

Interpersonal Communication students in Dr. Perry’s Comm 327 course have the opportunity to interact and form relationships with students from Asia University;

 as a part of the Asia University America Program (AUAP).

Students in Interpersonal Communication became Classroom Volunteers, serving three hours to support students in AUAP by being English conversational partners. Working with Western students who are native English speakers increase interaction, making it easier to create friendships.

“When I walk across campus I would love to see AUAP students and Western spending time together, hanging out just like they were with their own group of friends,” Perry said.

Perry noticed mostly students from Asia University and Western student staying separate, perhaps because of their language differences.

“This class provides the opportunity to break that barrier,” Perry said.

Her Interpersonal Communication class has been getting involved with AUAP for two years.

Student Joel Yanagimachi said he meets the new cycle of Asia University students every year. He enjoys helping the students get familiar with Western.

“They’re always so lost,” Yanagimachi said. “I just start speaking in Japanese and they’re like ‘Thank God, someone can help us!’”

Yanagimachi greets the students in Japanese upon arrival, but uses more English as the  academic term goes on.

“I speak mostly in English as the quarter progresses, because I know they’re here to learn,” Yanagimachi said.

Yusuke Yoshida enjoys practicing his English with the volunteer students from Western.

“I think volunteers are good because they really help,” Yoshida said through an interpreter.

Written By: Annika Wolters, Student Leader, Communication Studies and Journalism Major