Communication Scholars Week 2013

This 2013 Western Washington University Scholars Week presented about 100 students who were recognized for outstanding scholarship. Dr. Perry nominated four student from her Organizational Communication class. Communication Scholars Week showcases selected students in the Department of Communication Studies and their talent in research and critical thinking skills.

Dr. Tara Perry acts as a mentor to her nominated students: Elisabeth Scott, Tamara Donahue, Tygh Stephens and Preston Morrison.

“It allows students to take the paper [they wrote] in class, make it even stronger and present it to different audience members,” Dr. Perry said. “It’s a campus-wide thing.”

Students presented their research paper entitled, “The Intersection of Queer People of Color in the Workplace” in various formats: Introduction to Communication Theory [Comm 220] class, Department of Communication Studies interactive poster session, campus-wide poster session and current Organizational Communication [Comm 428] class.

Nominated student Preston Morrison said working on a group research paper was an interesting and challenging experience.

“We each had our own group dynamic,” Morrison said. “People come from different places and have different perspectives—which can make a paper stronger.”

Morrison said this paper drew attention to an unforeseen problem within a small group of people. It gave him the feeling that he was contributing to a necessary further study of oppressed peoples.

“Their paper is outstanding,” Perry said.


Written By: Annika Wolters, Student Leader, Communication Studies and Journalism Major